Alan SS Brown

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Producer, Writer, Director and all around great guy

Owner and CEO of Dexterous Media Group and Woollie Productions, married to a beautiful Star Wars fan, father of 4 young Star Wars fans, and two wienner dogs... also (of course) Star Wars fans.  Wanting to utilize the resources at his disposal from his buisness ventures for his love of Star Wars he conceved: "Star Wars 20" a weekly Star Wars News Show, bringing you all things Star Wars in under 20 minuets.  A quick Facebook post asking if anyone else was interested in the idea brought on Jon & Dave and Star Wars 20 was launched!  Evolving past a 20 minute news segment Star Wars 20 has become much, much more... just look around this website!  Alan has been producing film and interactive media for over 17 years and contunes his passion in Southern California.  If Alan had a lightsaber it would be red but more than likely he would be gleefuly spectating the galaxy from a corner with his favorite character Salacious Crumb.

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Zahaan Hoosein

Awesome video! Really Really helpful!!! Thank you for doing this.