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Star Wars fans one and all, thank you for taking a few moments to check out our website. Now to capture your attention without an opening crawl... (Rogue One did it right?)

We are Star Wars 20, run by Alan Brown, Jonathan Chiado and Dave Macias. We are 3 friends who where brought together due to our love of that galaxy far far away.

We bring you ALL THINGS STAR WARS including but not limited to facts, news, events, unboxing, reviews and random theories… even if those theories turn out to be wrong (Jyn Erso related to Han Solo???)

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Join us LIVE at the Rancho Cucamonga Library at Victoria Gardens for an action-packed day of festivities, storytimes, character parade, entertainment, activities and fun! Wear your best Star Wars costume and compete to be the best in the universe!

Producer, Writer, Director and all around great guy

Owner and CEO of Dexterous Media Group and Woollie Productions, married to a beautiful Star Wars fan, father of 4 young Star Wars fans, and two wienner dogs... also (of course) Star Wars fans.  Wanting to utilize the resources at his disposal from his buisness ventures for his love of Star Wars he conceved: "Star Wars 20" a weekly Star Wars News Show, bringing you all things Star Wars in under 20 minuets.  A quick Facebook post asking if anyone else was interested in the idea brought on Jon & Dave and Star Wars 20 was launched!  Evolving past a 20 minute news segment Star Wars 20 has...

We still don't know what Dave does.

Dave Macias: Has has loved Star Wars since kindergarten, when the very first Star Wars came out. His favorite character is Chewbaca and has a Chewie on Hoth tattoo. 


Writer, Producer, Host and a pretty decent guy.

The founder and administrator of the Starwars celebration Orlando 2017 Facebook group. Born in 1983 the youngest and most talented of the Star Wars 20 family, a protégé  you might say. "I was born the year Return of the Jedi was released in theaters. I missed most of the original hype, but my earliest memory is when I was about 5 years old and I remember playing with my Ewoks toys and I had a ROTJ bed set. You can say I have been a Starwars fan...

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Zahaan Hoosein

Awesome video! Really Really helpful!!! Thank you for doing this. 

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